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Date this page was last updated 07/29/2017



The regular price is:
$290 for a 1-1/2 hour session
$380 for a 2-hour session

Specials and
Discount Pricing

Special package pricing for Hypnotherapy and New Life Coaching is available with pre-purchase and with a commitment to multiple sessions.

These options are available only for people who are having financial hardships and are based on the honor system.

If you can afford to pay the full amount then you should do so. That allows someone else who has less money such as a student, a senior or a person who simply doesn’t make a good income can afford to also get the help that they need at a lesser cost.

Plan No. 1

$210 per session pricing - Pay $1260 for six hour and a half sessions in advance and save yourself $480. That’s a savings of $80 per session.($1,740 value)


Plan No. 2

$250 per session pricing - Pay $750 for three hour and a half sessions in advance and save yourself $120. That’s a savings of $40 per session. ($870 value)


This special pricing is based on scheduling and keeping an hour and a half session appointment  once a week or an hour and half session once every two weeks. If you can’t make your scheduled appointment you must reschedule within the week if available.

If not available in that week you will have to schedule an additional session the following week to make up for your missed session. You are required to give me 24 hours notice in advance or you will be required to pay for the missed session.

If you do not follow these rules, the cost reverts back to the full price of $290 for an hour and a half session.

If you fail to pay your bill on your missed session, you will be billed at the full amount plus 3% interest of the unpaid balance.

Plus if your bill goes into collection or I have to take you to court, you will be responsible for all the fees that occur to aid in collecting your debt.

I take all major credit cards; Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. You may pay your bill through PayPal online or I can take credit cards in my office from my iPhone through PayPal Here.

If you pay online I must receive the credit before your scheduled appointment. I suggest you pay it at least two days before your appointment to make sure you get your payment in on time.

When using a check to pay in full, I will deposit the check the day of your first appointment. If you wish, you can write one check for each of your appointments with the date on them and I will cash them after each session. I will hold any unused checks until the specified date.

Click here to download your agreement form.

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Phone calls are welcome between
10 am - 7 pm, Pacific Time / 7 Days including holidays
San Diego direct (858) 560-0557

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